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Maternity Services

Due to repeated requests from our patients - babies are back at Magee General Hospital! Today, many women are being introduced to Magee General Hospital for the first time through the birth of a child. Hundreds of babies are now making their arrival each year in newly furnished, spacious maternity suites, one of the area's most modern, family-centered birthing centers. From the day they learn they are expecting, to the day their baby is born, patients receive a special brand of care and attention that is unique to MGH. Patients have come to rely on the care, privacy, and personal attention they receive at MGH during this special time in their lives.

The new delivery rooms and suites allow labor, delivery, recovery and postpartum to occur in a comfortable, homelike setting. The suites offer rooming-in, which allows mother and baby to remain in the same room until discharge.

The maternity unit is equipped with new technology and highly trained physicians and nurses. From the moment they arrive, patients experience a special kind of care that continues until they leave with their newborn. Our physicians and the staffs of Labor and Delivery, Postpartum and Nursery work together as one team to give patients professional care and attention that only serves to enhance the experience of a lifetime.


Dedicated mammography units, board certified radiologists, and a staff of highly trained technologists make it easy and convenient for busy women to have regular screening mammography at Magee General Hospital. Women have come to rely on MGH for this important service, and most importantly, for accurate and prompt results.

Preventative and Gynecological Services

A variety of preventative tests and other gynecological procedures are performed by board-certified gynecologists in the hospital's outpatient clinic. Excellent medical care, personal service, and a dedication to patient privacy are building MGH's reputation as the hospital of choice for women.

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Magee General Hospital shall continue to provide quality healthcare to those that present themselves for our services. We are dedicated to meet the challenges of the future to assure that people of this community receive quality healthcare at a reasonable cost. We are committed to maintain patient confidentiality and confort and respect patients, families, and friends.