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Many hospitals are placing a growing emphasis on minimally invasive surgical procedures, and Magee General Hospital's Surgery Department is no exception. Board-certified surgeons from around the state representing many specialty areas are joining our surgical team, adding to our reputation as a comprehensive healthcare center.

MGH's Surgery Department encompasses modern suites equipped for both minor and more intensive surgical procedures, and recovery areas. Intensive care units are available for those requiring additional hospitalization.
Thanks to modern technology, many of our patients receive treatment in our outpatient surgical area, allowing them to return home in hours, not days. Additional benefits include smaller incisions, minimal pain, and faster recuperation time.

In the last year, the Surgical Department was busy with over 300 Inpatient operations and almost 2000 Outpatient procedures.

General Surgery:
• Laparoscopic Appendectomy
• Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy
• Hernia Repairs- Open and Laparoscopic
• Skin Lesion Removal
• Wound Debridement
• Lipoma Removal
• Amputations
• Port Placement and Removal
• Paracentesis
• Thoracentesis
• Sphinecterotomy
• Breast Biopsy
• Hemorrhoidectomy
• Hemorrhoid Banding
• Foreign Body Removal
• Cyst Removal
• Incision and Drainage Procedure

Ophthalmology Surgery:
• Cataract Surgery
• YAG Procedures

Plastic Surgery:
• Removal of Skin Lesions and Skin Cancers

• Endoscopic Plantar Fascia Release
• Open Heel Spur Resection
• Removal of Neuroma
• Haglundes Deformity Repair (Achilles Tendon)
• Cheilectomy
• Bone Spur Removal
• Hammertoe Repairs
• Bunionectomies

• Pediatric Dentistry under Sedation

• Colonoscopy
• Esophagogastroduodenoscopy (EGD)
• Polypectomy
• Routine Colon Screening (recommended age 50 & older depending on medical history)
• Hemorrhoid Banding
• Fiber optic Sigmoidoscopy
• Percutaneous Gastrostomy Placement (PEG)


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Magee General Hospital shall continue to provide quality healthcare to those that present themselves for our services. We are dedicated to meet the challenges of the future to assure that people of this community receive quality healthcare at a reasonable cost. We are committed to maintain patient confidentiality and confort and respect patients, families, and friends.