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Guest Services

For Caregivers

Guest Services is an ideal solution when caregivers need a much deserved rest from the demands of caring for a loved one. Perhaps they want to take a vacation or are required to travel for work. With GUEST SERVICES at MAGEE GENERAL HOSPITAL, caregivers have the peace of mind of knowing that their loved ones are in good hands.

Here when you need us.

At MAGEE GENERAL HOSPITAL, we recognize the need for short term care that benefits both the guest and his or her caregiver. To meet the needs of both, we have created GUEST SERVICES at MAGEE GENERAL HOSPITAL. GUEST SERVICES is an alternative we offer patients whose condition does not meet criteria for traditional hospital services. GUEST SERVICES is available billed directly to the individual at $350 per day. GUEST SERVICES is not covered by most insurance carriers.


Without Commitment

Throughout their stay, patients enjoy all the services and amenities that MAGEE GENERAL HOSPITAL has to offer without having to make a long-term commitment. Families can take comfort in knowing that the professional and compassionate staff at MAGEE GENERAL HOSPITAL is caring for their loved ones.
GUEST SERVICES is available from brief to extended stays in a private room.

Step By Step

Transitional Program

When recovering from an illness, injury or surgery GUEST SERVICES at MAGEE GENERAL HOSPITAL provides the services required to prepare patients for the next step in their journey to wellness.

More Details

For more information about GUEST SERVICES at MAGEE GENERAL HOSPITAL, call Susan Smith

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Magee General Hospital shall continue to provide quality healthcare to those that present themselves for our services. We are dedicated to meet the challenges of the future to assure that people of this community receive quality healthcare at a reasonable cost. We are committed to maintain patient confidentiality and confort and respect patients, families, and friends.