Magee General Hospital was created to meet the full range of health care needs from education, prevention, office and outpatient visits, to hospitalization, home care and long-term care. Convenient family medical clinics staffed by board-certified physicians and family nurse practitioners provide comprehensive health care to you and your family.

The following family medical clinics are affiliated with Magee General Hospital:

Medical Towers - Third Floor
360 Highway 149 Magee, MS

Charles Pruitt III, MD - 601-849-1230
Kelli Smith, MD - 601-849-1220
Frank C Wade, MD - 601-849-7240

David Johnson Clinic
Medical Towers - First Floor
360 Highway 149 Magee, MS

David Johnson, PA 601-849-1214

Pediatric Clinic of Magee
Medical Towers - Second Floor
360 Highway 149 Magee, MS

Izzeddin Kamelmaz, MD & Kelli Fewell NP 601-849-1550

Medical Pavilion of Raleigh
234 Magnolia Drive Raleigh, MS

Debra Develin, CFNP 601-782-9797

John R. Harper Clinic
105 Eaton Street, Taylorsville, MS 39168

Donna Baucum, CFNP 601-785-6786

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Magee General Hospital shall continue to provide quality healthcare to those that present themselves for our services. We are dedicated to meet the challenges of the future to assure that people of this community receive quality healthcare at a reasonable cost. We are committed to maintain patient confidentiality and confort and respect patients, families, and friends.